Best Price Guarantee!

As a direct cabinet importer, we stand by our price and products 100%. If you get a quote that is for a lower price than the proposal that we gave you for the exact same style/finish cabinets. We not only will make sure and match our competitor's proposal but we will give you a lower price.

Terms and Conditions

1. The quote must match the same style and color of cabinets and, when delivered, must match the exact delivery address you provided us for your original proposal.

2. The proposal must come directly from the company with contact information provided for verification purposes. Unfortunately, a verbal quote cannot be accepted.

3. Competitors quote must have an itemized list with pricing for each cabinet and shipping.

4. The proposal date must be listed on the quote. We will accept any competitors quotes within the last 30 days of being sent to us.

All quotes can be sent to RealState Investments LLC holds the right to refuse any proposal comparison that we may deem fraudulent or does not meet the required criteria.