Q. How does your process work?

 A. We review your plans. We then meet with you in person or by conference call to determine all specifications. We produce layouts and all required documents to deliver to our manufacturing partners. Working with them, we produce quotations for your products. Then we review with you in detail all specifications, pricing, and lead-times, revisions are made as necessary. Upon your approval, once contracts are in place, we will procure these products. 

Q. What are the typical products you supply?

 A. Typically, we supply finish building materials for all types of residential and hospitality projects. Cabinetry, countertops, tile, thin veneer stone, and flooring are our best sellers. We typically offer sinks with every project, as it just seems to make sense and flow with what we do. We can also supply many other products upon request. Please see our product categories for our full lines. 

Q. How do you add value to my project?

 A. We add value to your project by procuring custom products directly from our manufacturing partners that meet your exact needs. Firstly, we cut out all unnecessary supply chain links, i.e., wholesalers, distributors, as well as all the associated overhead costs. Secondly, you pay only for the material spec level you require. There are no paying for “bundled” options that you do not require. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you a much better quality of product, that is extremely competitive with anything Domestically. 

Q. How do you ensure quality while delivering competitive pricing?

 A. We achieve competitive pricing by delivering products directly from the manufacturer to your jobsite, not by sacrificing quality. Your products are produced by manufacturers that have gone through our rigorous approval process to ensure up-to-date equipment, training, and quality assurance programs that address quality in each manufacturing process. Secondly, our team will be at the factory while your material is produced. We will determine the required inspection points depending upon the material and perform inspections. 

Q. Do you work on a Turn-Key basis only?

 A. No. If you have already invested the quality time into another manufacturers products and don’t have enough time to catch us on this one for the product, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to install any other supplier’s products. As a matter of fact, we started out as a professionally managed installation services company, installing products for many product manufacturers here domestically. So, we are very familiar with the product lines that the multifamily industry has incorporated over the last 20 years. The biggest advantage to contracting us directly for your installation needs is that you cut out the middleman and hire the guys that would ultimately end up in the field anyways. So, not only do you keep from paying the huge mark ups of the middleman, you are able to keep from sacrificing quality as well.
On the other hand, although we don’t recommend it, we understand the value of keeping the installation in house. Whatever the case may be, we would be grateful for the opportunity to supply just the product. 

Q. How do you provide local service?

 A. Our installation services are coordinated by our President based in Kansas City. We will supply a workforce consisting of employees and sub-contractors dictated by your project size to meet your installation requirements. .